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About us
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About us

TOOLSMART.RU is the biggest trading system in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. It's devoted to industrial equipment. Thousands of people visit our website daily, they post a lot of buy-and-sell ads. This resource was created because of growing needs of business and there were no such system before. Our specialists developed powerful engine which helped to deal very fast and effectively. This platform was made to satisfy needs both sellers and customers. Because of this our website has a lot of visitors and is popular in the Internet.

Our visitors

Our visitors are big companies which deal with industrial machines and people from the same sphere who need to sell or buy industrial equipment. Also people who work at the industrial market are our visitors, among them:
  • financial directors, managers of the logistics department and engineers from the plants;
  • managers and leading specialists of companies which sell machines;
  • managers of different levels from the main factories.
Our site is widely observed in Russian and international resources in the Internet. We inform our target auditory through address mailing all over the Russian Federation and CIS. We use thoroughly inspected basis during it.

Provided services

We provide buy-and-sell ads and also catalogue of tools. You can download price lists which were uploaded by our users. You can also read industrial news. Most of our services are free of charge. If you want to stand out among the competitors we advise using banner and text advertising on our site. Wide choice of advertising places helps to bring the information up to the target visitors.

Our forums

We want to pay your attention at our forums. Here you can speak to colleagues, discuss last news, problems and new models of equipment. And you can also ask an experts about interested information. We also have the section “Cheat”. Here you can find information about unfair companies.


We are always ready for partnership. If your company produce tools, own some technologies or other interesting information dealing to industry, you can join TOOLSMART.RU. If you have any questions or suggestions how to make us better, if you want to place advertisement, you can send us an e-mail to pressa@toolsmart.ru.

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